The best thing about Reflexology is that it promotes Holistic Health. The word holistic for some may conjure up images of herbs & hippies; it is so much more than that it is all about taking the WHOLE person into account.

It means mind, body, spirit, emotions being in complete balance on all levels in an individual’s life both personally & professionally, as illustrated below: 


Each segment is as equally important & significant as the other & makes the complete perfect circle.

When all 4 are totally balanced this can positively affect your lifetime focus & progression meaning you will achieve super success!

My whole business ethos is the essence of Work/Life Balance. It’s a real life case of ‘East meets West'

East being Holistic Therapies, West being Personal Development & Professional Coaching: Inspiration to Action

The importance of feeling good on every level; mentally, physically, emotionally, helps in gaining clarity of goals, inspires positivity, focus & vision thus helping you get where you want and need to be on a personal and professional level throughout life. If you don't feel your best, you can’t be your BEST! Holistic Health, coaching & therapies create optimum equilibrium for Mind ~ Body ~ Spirit ~ Emotions.

* * * Exciting News * * *

On the coaching side of my business, which I am continually developing, I have recently joined forces with Professional Coach Efe Ohwofasa who has vast coaching knowledge, experience & extremely effective coaching techniques, with a proven track record. We offer the complete package; both psychological & physiological coaching empowering businesses & individuals to become more successful & maximise their potential.

Coaching available to you/your business

  • Holistic Health & Well-being Coaching

  • Work/Life Balance Coaching

  • Corporate Coaching

  • Professional Development Coaching

  • Personal Development Coaching

  • Wellness Coaching

  • 'Freedom for Women' Coaching

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Health & Happiness to you!