As the clocks go back (this weekend - 28th October) & we prepare to face colder weather why not to treat yourself to some well deserved TLC, with a Relaxing & Rejuvenating Reflexology treatment?

As the nights draw in, the temperature drops & the clocks turn back, some of us may feel a tad down due to lack of light & the cold etc. Look around at all the gorgeous autumnal colours. Turn this potentially negative time of year into a positive; embrace it… we can’t control the weather but we can control how we choose to feel about it, how we deal & respond to it. Choose to be happy!

Let’s think of what’s fast approaching... CHRISTMAS!! A really special, cosy time of year when most get time off work too! It is a time to celebrate, party & be with friends & family! Yay!! So let's go forth into the colder darker days that lie ahead & take a moment to appreciate, breath deeply & take stock - let’s be happy for all that we have now & what fun times we've got to look forward to!! A bit of ‘me time’ with an uplifting Reflexology treatment by R&R will help cheer you up along the way J 

With Christmas in mind, have you started shopping yet? I haven't...

Do you know there's less than 10 weekends to get it done?! Why not treat a loved one to something a bit different this year by giving the great gift of a Reflexology session or some vouchers towards a treatment? This is a brilliant way to escape the hectic Christmas shopping crowds! Gift Vouchers are always available & over the next 2 months prices can be negotiated just contact R&R for more info.

Exactly 2 months today it will be Christmas Day!!

Health & Happiness to you!