Hi Reflexology Fans Welcome to the 1st blog post for R&R Reflexology...
Can you believe that we are almost into the last quarter of 2012 – crazy!

Since qualifying in July this year it has been absolutely nonstop! I can safely say that this is the BEST job EVER!! Absolutely loving being in a job that I totally believe in & learn more about holistic health & well-being continually whilst getting out there meeting lots of lovely new people & making YOU feel GREAT through this AMAZING therapy. Some of the BRILLIANT BENEFITS of Reflexology follow at the end of this post.

So what's happening?
World Reflexology Week is held at the end of September every year it is designed to promote global awareness of the massive benefits of Reflexology. This year it takes place w/c 24th Sept. So next week I will be donating 10% of all treatments booked & that take place to Macmillan Cancer Support charity. I have informed them & they will be posting this on their website (link to follow). I am also in talks with local health clubs regarding going to provide taster sessions for World Reflexology Week & in support of Macmillan. R&R will be in attendance at Macmillan Coffee Mornings & have also donated a treatments & vouchers as raffle prizes to raise funds.
So come on - do a good deed for your body & mind but most of all for charity by booking a treatment TODAY for yourself or as a present for a loved one & raise funds for Macmillan at the same time!Just some of the major Benefits of Reflexology >>>>>
  • RELAXATION Reflexology induces deep relaxation & reduces stress. Over 70% of all disorders and diseases are said to be caused by stress. Stress causes a breakdown of the body’s immune system & coping mechanisms. Reflexology helps to create a free flow of energy thus avoid blockages which in turn cause problems. Reflexology is best used as a ‘prevention’ of disorders.
  • CIRCULATION: Reflexology aids de-congestion and assists free flow of blood and therefore promotes the flow of oxygen around the body.
  • NOURISHMENT: The free flow of blood means oxygen and nutrients are feeding our cells for constant renewal
  • DETOXIFICATION: Improved circulation & lymph flow means our waste removal is improved along with our immunity
  • BALANCE: Reflex helps to balance the nervous system via the nerve endings in the feet and the subsequent reflected areas (organs, systems etc). This helps to return the body to a state of Homeostasis where everything works in harmony to help heal minor disturbances
  • HEALING: Reflex helps the body to ‘heal itself’ by creating the ideal environment. Aids inner peace
  • ENERGY: By relaxing, creating a healthy environment and by de-blocking energy pathways reflexology helps to revitalise the body on a physical, emotional and mental level
  • CLARITY: Reflexology helps to aid mental alertness and can improve focus and attention.

I really hope that you have enjoyed R&R Reflexology's first blog post.

Health & Happiness to you!