October 'STOPTOBER' PROMOTION: 20% off Reflexology Treatments

During October there is an exciting new challenge to stop smoking once & for all ‘STOPTOBER’ R&R have decided to take this one step further & support you in stopping any bad habits not just smoking!

Have you tried countless times to quit a bad habit but not yet been successful? Smoking, for example, is not only bad for your health & well-being but also harmful to that of those around you. When quitting any bad habit a great starting point is to consider the bigger picture.

There's lots of support to help you stop smoking on the
NHS Smokefree website.

R&R want to support you too! Reflexology can help you quit any bad habit by bringing about a state of deep relaxation which will in turn help you focus on your vision & help keep you on track with your goals. Aswell as all the other AMAZING benefits.

The great news is that by stopping a bad habit such as smoking for a month, you are 5 times more likely to succeed! So JUST DO IT! Think of the bigger picture benefits: improved health & well being, more money, longevity…

R&R Reflexology are here to support you in your 'quitting quest' by offering treatments with 20% off throughout the month of October. As always Gift Vouchers are available.
Please note 20% off IS also available to non-participants of Stoptober meaning October is a great month to try Reflexology with a nice discount. To book/contact just click here.

R&R Reflexology - here to support YOU in stopping bad habits in STOPTOBER!

Here’s to being bad habit free for GOOD!!