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Holistic Health & SUCCESS

Posted by Inspiration to Action on Wednesday, May 8, 2013,

The best thing about Reflexology is that it promotes Holistic Health. The word holistic for some may conjure up images of herbs & hippies; it is so much more than that it is all about taking the WHOLE person into account.

It means mind, body, spirit, emotions being in complete balance on all levels in an individual’s life both personally & professionally, as illustrated below: 


Each segment is as equally important & significant as the other & makes the complete perfect circle.

When ...

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New Year - New You!

Posted by Inspiration to Action on Wednesday, January 16, 2013,

Now that we are half way through January, how are your resolutions coming along?

Do you know that the ancient Egyptians as well as the ancient Greeks utilised the amazing art of Reflexology to
create relaxation, well being and foresight?

So if you have lost sight of your new years resolutions a Reflexology treatment will be sure to help you get back on track & be a success!!

**** R&R 'January Sale' ****

Prices slashed to JUST £20 for the remainder of January!!  What a great way to try out this ...

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Relaxation + Rejuvenation = REFLEXOLOGY

R&R Reflexology Blog - Welcome! Holistic Health and Wellness bought to you by R&R Reflexology through total re-balancing and equilibrium of the Mind ~ Body ~ Spirit ~ Emotions. This blog is devoted to enlightening and informing you all about the massive benefits of Reflexology and what it can do you for you and how it can improve your everyday life and wellbeing. It will also include any information about what R&R will be doing to promote the awesome benefits of Reflexology - Enjoy!

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