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A very warm welcome to R&Rs website. Each and everyone deserves to honour their whole self by being  'Holistically Healthy' We are all individual and unique, that said, mind, body and spirit are the composite of every being and these elements need to be balanced and in harmony to look, feel & be our best, this can be achieved with Reflexology along with healthy living and a positive mindset.

R&Rs website aims to be interesting, informative, most of all inviting! I look forward to treating you to this amazing holistic therapy in the near future...


What can Reflexology do for you?

Reflexology is an age-old therapy that is both complementary and supportive. It is a very relaxing yet rejuvenating treatment which re-balances the body which in turn promotes health and vitality.

In simple terms Reflexology involves applying gentle pressure to areas of the feet utilising specialised thumb, finger & hand techniques in order to create a positive effect in the corresponding area of the body.

The feet are a mirror image of the body and its systems, internal glands & organs, as illustrated below: 


There are around 7000 nerve endings/energy points and meridians in the feet! When stimulated through Reflexology this enhances re-balancing, equilibrium and promotes optimal well being.

By having Reflexology it is possible to identify congested energy pathways which could potentially prevent the body from functioning effectively. Utilising Reflexology can maintain and restore the body's natural balance and equilibrium. It is actually a very ancient therapy and has been around in varying forms as far back as 5000 years! It really has stood the test of time. A whole page of this website has been devoted to the origins and history of Reflexology

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Tara-Louisa Chamberlain ~ Fully Qualified Reflexologist ~ Mobile & Studio based

VTCT World Class Level 3 Diploma in Reflexology

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E-mail: RandRReflexology@gmail.com


Relaxation + Rejuvenation = Reflexology

                     Creating Equilibrium for your  Mind ~ Body ~ Spirit ~ Emotions

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