A brief History of Reflexology...

Ancient History: The fact that this amazing holistic therapy dates back literally thousands of years speaks volumes. It can be traced to the ancient civilisations of India, China and Egypt. The oldest known documentation of Reflexology is the pictograph below which was found in the tomb of an Egyptian physician at Saqqara, near Cairo, which depicts patients having treatments on their hands and feet. Up until AD200 in Greece, Delphi was an ancient health spa where Reflexology was one of the popular treatments used to create relaxation, well being and foresight.

Reflexology ~ a healing art of ancient origin.

Found on the walls of a Sixth Dynasty Egyptian tomb (c. 2450 B.C.) that depict two seated men receiving massage on their hands and feet.

Recent History: Russian physicians of the early 1900's followed the reflex research of Nobel Prize winner Ivan Pavlov to create reflex therapy. Their basic idea, to influence reflexes and thus brain-organ dynamics. Physician researchers, such as Vladimir Bekterev who coined the word "Reflexology" in 1917, an organ experiences illness because it receives the wrong operating instructions from the brain. By interrupting the body's misguided instructions, the reflex therapist prompts the body to behave in an improved fashion. Conditioning of better behaviour is achieved by the application of a series of such interruptions.

Reflexology was introduced to the United States in 1913 by William H. Fitzgerald, an ENT specialist, and Dr. Edwin Bowers. Fitzgerald claimed that applying pressure had an anesthetic effect on other areas of the body. Reflexology was modified in the 1930s and 1940s by Eunice D. Ingham, a nurse and physiotherapist. She claimed that the feet and hands were especially sensitive, and mapped the entire body into "reflexes" on the feet renaming "zone therapy" to reflexology. In the 1960’s Doreen Bayly, a student of Eunice Ingham, introduced reflexology into the UK where it is now a widely recognised holistic therapy. The Bayly School was officially founded in 1978 by the late Doreen Bayly and was the first Reflexology training school to be established in Great Britain.


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