Your feet are truly amazing – the highest concentration of nerve endings in the body reside there - approximately 7000 nerve endings are in the feet. Reflexology is the technique of applying gentle pressure to reflex areas on the feet (or hands) to stimulate the body’s natural healing process and create a state of deep relaxation.

The theory of Reflexology is that all organs, nerves, glands and parts of the body are connected to reflex areas or points on both the feet and hands. When these areas are stimulated, it sends a signal through the nervous system to the brain, to regulate and improve the function of internal organs. Using this incredible, drug free therapy gives the body what it needs by balancing the circulatory, endocrine, digestive, lymphatic, excretory and immune systems. It encourages elimination of toxins, releases endorphins (the body's natural painkillers) reduces stress, tension and revitalises energy…

Reflexology could be likened to an MOT for the body and mind, keeping you in tip-top condition. Reflexology is the perfect maintenance therapy, helping to keep your mind and body balanced and in harmony promoting overall health and well-being.

Every pair of feet are unique and tell a story. As well as being relaxing and rejuvenating Reflexology can be very affective and beneficial for numerous conditions.

Please see this very useful & interesting: Interactive Foot Chart which maps out on the feet where the reflex points are located. 

Please note Reflexology charts are a guide and can differ slightly from one another. Foot charts are best used as a point of reference rather than following just one and thinking it is set in stone, most importantly each and every pair of feet are totally individual unique to the owner!

Tara-Louisa Chamberlain ~ Fully Qualified Reflexologist ~ Mobile & Studio based

VTCT World Class Level 3 Diploma in Reflexology

Mob: 07818 412 372



Relaxation + Rejuvenation = Reflexology

  Creating Equilibrium for your Mind ~ Body ~ Spirit ~ Emotions

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